The fast rising performer Evridiki Nikolaou was photographed by the unique Kostas Avgoulis for the new CD Single that is expected to be released in September by Heaven Music!

Euridiki Nikolaou, the charismatic young singer who stands out for her genuine popular voice, after a highly successful season at “Fever” along with Themis Adamantides, Elli Kokkinou and Dimos Anastasiadis, prepares to do her next step in her career with the release of the fourth single in its series that will be released this September by Heaven Music.

The talented singer who was introduced to us by the great success of the song “Oti ora na nai” with music and lyrics of favorite Panos Kapiris and Spiros Giatra respectively, posed the lens of leading Kostas Avgoulis photographer in a one of a kind photo shoot that will be discussed! The styling for the needs of the photoshooting was curated by Dionysis Kolodinos, hair styling by Chrysanthos Smyrnaios and the make-up by renowned make-up artist Vaso Nakopoulou.