At Beautiful People PR we provide a full package of Public Relations services, which emphasizes on targeted corporate and product communication, relationships with journalists and social media outlets, reputation and crisis management, while we specialize in event planning. Our strong presence on social media is one of our biggest allies, with an engagement rate that reaches 2,000,000 views per week and 1,500,000 unique visitors on Instagram. We listen to the specific needs of our partners very carefully, in order to achieve a remarkable and excellent result.



Business conferences, as well as exhibitions or workshops, require a lot of attention to detail and experience. Trust our partners with your ideas and desires and they will do everything in their power for the best possible result, for you and your colleagues or guests.



Contact our specialized team, share your thoughts and wishes regarding the Event that you wish to hold and leave everything in our capable, experienced hands. Whatever type of event you have imagined, you can rest assured that our capable partners will make it happen by suggesting unique ideas full of imagination and brilliance. Through close contact and cooperation between us, success is undoubtedly a given.



Beautiful People PR, as its name promises, can arrange appearances by many famous celebrities of the Greek and international showbiz field, which will give incredible shine and glamour to your every event, concert or club happening. Our goal is for you and your guests to live the strongest and most unforgettable experience!