Beautiful People PR is a leading company that has been active in the Public Relations and Communications market since 2008. Our goal and aim is to adapt the needs of the company and of our customers to the present day, in contemporary and methodical ways. Direct contact plays a crucial role for us, since it builds a relationship of trust and maximum efficiency. Beautiful People PR consists of executives with flexibility, deep market knowledge, creativity, ingenuity and strategic thinking. They are partners with confidence, combativeness and passion for the communication field. We fully meet the challenges of the new era and of the galloping competition. We take on the task of informing the public about each company, its services and products with targeted advertising in Mass Media (television, radio, print and electronic media), special events, press releases, etc. Our company’s wide range of work ensures effectively successful advertising and communication applications.

Event Management – Marketing, Media Relations -Press Office, Happenings – Event Planning, Product Placement – Sponsorship.


Our long experience in organizing and planning events, is what makes every happening of Beautiful People PR the impressive “Talk of the town” in the best possible way! However, our vision does not stop there, since we are never complacent. Our continuous evolution stems from the excellent perception and application of the latest, digital market trends, as well as from our innovative ideas that are always keeping up with the fast pace of the contemporary age, which requires flexibility and the ability to adapt. Being proud of our progress so far, we do not rest on our laurels, on the contrary we continue to pioneer substantially!