Explosive “Sex Me Up” Wednesdays at Penarrubia Lounge with ultra-premium vodka “Stolichnaya Elit”

The “Sex Me Up” RnB party that has been loved as much as any other fanatic in Athens has hosted the ultra-premium vodka party “Stolichnaya Elit” at the Penarrubia Lounge this year! There, under the sounds of the hottest rap scene names such as Sin Boy, Madclip, Light and Snik, super-luxury vodka “Stolichnaya Elit” and WS Karoulias SA Group Brand Manager Dimitris Andreou received a host of branded guests and Fans of luxury and authenticity, offering unique nights full of dancing & unique shows at this year’s most popular meeting point.

Both STOLICHNAYA and Stolichnaya ELIT, products of the international SPI Group, are two of the top brands in their category, distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide and have been a leader in the Greek market for many years. STOLICHNAYA is the top-selling authentic Russian vodka worldwide, while Stolichnaya ELIT was the first ultra-premium vodka to hit the international market. The sole distributor of the authentic Russian vodka “STOLICHNAYA” and “Stolichnaya ELIT” in the Greek market, is a BS company. KAROULIAS, one of the largest companies of wines and spirits in Greece.