11 Years of Sex and the City Nights: The most premium hoteling party at Ecali Club, powered by Stoli Gold.

An unforgettable experience had the opportunity to live, those who attended Ecali Club, in the occasion of the glamorous premium hoteling party Sex and the City Nights party in the celebration of the 11th anniversary of the largest hotels in Greece and around the world. The host of the evening, the inspirer of the famous party John Kagioulis who welcomed a multitude of well-known guests & friends, members of the Ecali Club as well as representatives of the new generation of city businessmen.

The distinguished guests were entertained in a unique area by the impressive pool and garden of Ecali Club enjoying premium cocktails of the new super premium Vodka Stoli Gold that was the official sponsor of the evening. The night took off through the upbeat music of top DJs John Papa, Agent Greg and Mangata Projekt.