The spectacular premiere of “ACRO club”!


Despina Vandi, Nino Xypolitas and Giorgos Papadopoulos set fire to their big premiere at the ACRO Club in the presence of 3,000 people.

Unique performances, all time classic hits and amazing stage performances were some of the highlights of the first two days at the now famous Iera Odos’ hangout. A spectacular production that stood out for its costumes, makeup, choreography.

At this spectacular premiere we spotted the most well-known figures of Athenian night life who had a great time, with powerful performances and the explosive on stage presence of the three artists. “ACRO club” is another business venture of the Marosouli – Kotaridis group and from Friday 13 December and every Friday and Saturday, the heart of live clubbing beats at “ACRO Club”, with hosts the highly successful artists Despina Nino and George Papadopoulos, in one of the most impressive venues in Athens. Concept: Fokas Evangelinos, Costumes: Giorgos Segredakis, Make up: Giannis Marketakis.