The 5th anniversary party of “Boudoir perfumes by Anastazia” in Ilioupoli was a great success!

With a glamorous cocktail party, well-known entrepreneur Anastasia Triantafyllopoulou host a “5 year anniversary party” at the “Boudoir perfumes by Anastazia” shop on the busy Riga Ferraiou Street in Ilioupoli. Anastasia Triantafyllopoulou and Boudoir’s brand ambassador Eurydiki Valavani welcomed a multitude of business, journalistic and artistic personalities who had the opportunity to try out different fragrances from the unique collection of “Boudoir perfumes by Anastazia”. Guest Dj of the evening was Kostas Frangolias.

“Boudoir perfumes by Anastazia” has been counting five successful years in the heart of Ilioupolis. It is a beautiful place created with a lot of love and passion, in which anyone can find great quality eau de parfums at very affordable prices. The store also disposes cosmetics from the well-known brand “Golden Rose”, body creams, baths, scrubs, gels, carrot butter soaps, cosmetic oils, room freshner, highly decorative candles and handmade accessories in an ever-expanding range of products. The salon also hosts men’s toiletries!

“Boudoir perfumes by Anastazia” | Με απόλυτη επιτυχία πραγματοποιήθηκε το 5 years anniversary party