Peggy Zena appears at “FOS” in Gazi on a unique One Woman Show!

The beloved pop singer, after a long period of great collaborations, this year presents a different, more exclusive program and has been identified with these project! everyone had the chance to live an unforgettable night in the grand opening which soon turned into a glittering party for good friends. Peggy Zina roused the audience as well as her countless fans who were entertained with great songs in an explosive program full of music and passion. With her we see on stage Jeunes Premiers & Fenia and Michael Moschou + on the decks Dj George Klo.

FOS is located in the Marosouli-Kotaridi group and despite its small size it has managed to host huge names in special appearances.

At the event we recognised the most well-known people of Athenian night life, while the highlight of the evening was Peggy Zina, an absolute star who enticed the audience with her new and old songs on a unique musical journey.